Tips for Planning a Wedding Menu

Tips for Planning a Wedding Menu

Use these tips to plan your wedding menu!

One of the highlights of every wedding reception is the menu. Your guests have likely spent a couple of hours at that point attending the ceremony and cocktail hour, and they’re probably ready to sit down and enjoy a delicious spread. You want to make sure that you serve options that they will enjoy and that will make your overall reception memorable. Here are some tips for planning a delicious and filling wedding menu.

Think of Your Guests

As you’re planning your wedding, you’ve probably incorporated all of your favorite details – colors, patterns, materials, and other features. When it comes to the menu, you’ll probably want your favorite foods included as well, but remember that the menu is one of the parts that truly includes everyone’s participation. It being your wedding means that you also act as hosts. Therefore, do your best to cater to the general tastes of as many people as you can. There will always be picky eaters, but as long as you do your best to accommodate a larger number of people, it will be appreciated.

Think of Your Schedule

Most wedding venue rental comes with a strict schedule for your ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, and reception. With that in mind, think of how many courses you want to serve and how that will impact your time at the venue. Out of all your options, a seated two-course meal will likely be the quickest. If you have more time to spare, a three course or even buffet-style dinner could be appropriate.

Think of Your Budget

Of all the wedding tips that you’ll likely hear during your planning, following your budget will come back again and again. It’s important to set a budget and to stick to it when it comes to every detail of your wedding, including the menu. Pick menu choices that are within the parameters of your budget. If necessary, you can make some adjustments with your cocktail hour offerings to get just the menu that you desire.       

Catering for Every Wedding

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