How To Pick Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception

Learn how to choose the perfect entertainer to perform at your wedding reception.

Whether you hire a DJ or a live band to play at your wedding reception, you want the entertainer to enhance the mood and energy of your big day.  The DJ or live band you hire has to match the tone and style of your wedding and needs to work with all of your requests.  Picking the perfect entertainment for your wedding reception is much easier than you might think.  Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow when choosing a wedding entertainer.

Do Your Research

When choosing an entertainer to perform at your wedding reception, it is critical that you do some research on them.  If they happen to have samples of their work online, then make sure to listen to a couple of samples to get a good sense of how they will perform.  You should try to see your potential entertainer live whether they are DJing at an event and playing live.  It is always good to get recommendations for entertainers especially from others that have had them perform at their wedding.

Make Sure They Can Fulfill Your Requests

Since it is your wedding and special day, your entertainment should play songs that will make the day truly memorable.  If you have any special song requests based on cultural tradition or preference, make sure they are familiar with it or willing to learn the song.  You should choose a DJ or live band that is willing to take on your requests with ease.

Have Them Get Familiar With Your Venue

It is essential that the entertainment that you choose for your wedding reception can actually play in your venue.  Make sure your venue has enough space and electrical outlets for your specific entertainer.  If you have a small, minimal venue, then the best option would be to hire a DJ because they take up less space compared to a DJ.  Live bands are perfect for outdoor receptions where everyone can be comfortable and listen.

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