A Guide To Each Reception Meal Style

You have several options to choose from for your wedding reception meal.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for all of those involved.  From choosing the perfect venue to the caterer with the best food selection, there are many decisions to be made for your big day.  Many of your decisions will pertain to the wedding meal specifically how it will be served.  This will depend on a variety of factors from the number of guests to your budget.  There are a few catering styles you can choose from to end your special day with a delicious meal!

Plated Dinner

A plated dinner, the most traditional and formal option, involves each guest remaining seated and being served each plated course.  Guests have options to choose from for their their entree course and it usually is between a protein, fish or a vegetarian meal.  This is the simplest meal style because there no lines and the caterer knows exactly how much food to prepare.  The downside of this option is that it can be expensive because you have to pay for servers and place cards.  There are also a limited amount of food options so there is the chance of excess food waste.


For a casual wedding reception, a buffet style meal is the best choice because it allows guests to get food themselves.  Stations are set up around the venue and people have a variety of food options to choose from especially for those who have food restrictions.  Buffets allow guests to mingle with each other, but can create long lines and cause confusion.   The large amount of food and all of the items for the meal stations might make this catering style expensive.  

Family Style

A family style meal assigns guests to specific tables and large portions of food are served.  Each guest can fill their plates from the large serving platters, just like a family home cooked meal!  This option is efficient because it allows guests to serve themselves and have an unlimited number of servings.   Family style might get costly depending on amount of food and serving platters.

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