Food Factors: Finding Food That Fits Your Wedding

Indecisive about how to fill your stomach on your big day? These tips below will help you figure out how to cater your wedding!

Food says a lot about culture, personality, and style. There seems to be a variety of choices. Picking the correct food choice can also add to the decor of a wedding. For example, if the wedding theme is “A Night in Paris”, it may not make sense for the catering to entail Southern comfort food. While maintaining a budget is important, guests may not want to leave a wedding hungry. Decisions need to be made and details matter. Keep reading for tips that help the catering process make sense.

Understanding your Budget

Planning a wedding can be expensive. Already understanding how much you are willing to spend will prevent overspending. Another part of understanding your budget is figuring out the number of guests at your wedding party. You have to consider if you really need to invite people whom you may have been out of contact within years. That can help determine if you truly need 25 guests or 100, which affects the price of catering.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Planning ahead can reduce stress. It is best to book a year in advance because typically that is the standard. Also, planning a menu doesn’t always come overnight. There are a lot of factors to look into. Your big day should be smooth, simple, and as effortless as possible.

Everyone Can’t Eat Everything

There may be foods that your wedding party may be allergic to or can’t eat because of health conditions or religious restrictions. It is important to offer the wedding party a variety of food choices to pick from. Aside from this, people have different food tastes and it’s important to find a menu that will please every person. It is suggested that at the bare minimum the “meat, starch, and vegetable” rule is a starting guideline for planning your menu. You can never go wrong with this idea.

Dine in Style

Once you have your menu figured out, another factor to think about is the style or presentation of the food. If the wedding is more casual or laid-back and the main focus is not on the dinner, some may prefer a buffet-style wedding with plastic silverware and plates. For those who want a more elegant presentation, fine china, and elaborate themes may be what you are looking for.

To personalize the catering style, some couples also like to add mementos from significant moments in their lives. If you and your partner met at a fancy restaurant as you were drinking wine, it may mean something to you to recreate that moment by using fancy wine glasses.

Remember, every little thing counts. Weddings ultimately represent your style and taste. They can be as unique and amazing as you are, even down to the food. After a long year (or more) of planning, it is best to end the night with a satisfied stomach and happy guests raving over how delicious the food was.

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