Dos and Don’ts for Summer Wedding Food

Summer wedding food

What to serve at your summer wedding.

A lot of couples choose to get married in the summer because of the benefits the season offers. You’ll most likely have better weather, with more options for outdoor wedding events. A lot more flowers will be in season, making them more affordable with a wider selection available, and the cooler nights make for a perfect outdoor reception. However, with it being such a busy day you might find yourself cautious of the food choices available for your guests. The summer heat may make many feel lethargic after a heavy meal, so it is important to serve food which can counter effect that food coma that can occur in such heat. Here are some of the dos and don’ts for summer wedding food.

Lighter Options

Summer provides a variety of fresh, local food options at a much more affordable price. This makes planning your summer wedding menu a lot of fun. But, as you pick out food options, consider keeping them on the lighter side. You want to make sure that the food you select complements the weather. Soup is often served at weddings, though for summer this may be too much. Contemplate an alternative or maybe even go for a gazpacho option, or even a lighter salad with goat cheeses and nuts. Fruit, such as strawberries, are a great choice for summer weddings. Incorporate fruit into your desert choice, for a more refreshing and alternative option. If serving wine and champagne, make sure the glasses are well chilled.

What to Avoid

Chocolate dipping fountains are popular among wedding food options but not convenient for summer weddings. Due to the high temperatures, the chocolate never fully hardens and it can quickly become a mess for people to eat. Cheese and wine have always been a match made in heaven, being a favorite among wedding services for years. Though they are best avoided during the summer, as wine is not an ideal choice for hot weather. Melted cheese it can leave guests feeling heavy and bloated. Try crisp, refreshing beers or cocktails instead!

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