The Benefits of Planning a Winter Wedding


Discover the benefits of having a winter wedding.

Although we are at the beginning of fall, couples all over are finalizing their plans to have the perfect winter wedding.  Winter weddings tend to not be as popular as ceremonies during the other, but that doesn’t mean they are less special.  Planning a wedding during on the winter months guarantees more availability for venues and the chance for a beautiful snowy landscape.  Discover the advantages of getting married to your significant other during the winter.

More Availability All Around

Since winter is usually the least sought after time to wed, you will have your pick of the venue and caterer.  You will be able to get married and have the reception at your dream venue that wasn’t available during the summer.  Since it is the slow season for caterers and other vendors, many companies will have lower rates during winter which saves you money.  The vendors will also have more time to focus on your event and won’t be double booked causing them to have to rush your ceremony.

Less Chance of Cancellations

Wintertime weddings are a unique occurrence, so it is more likely that your friends and family will be available to attend.  It is more difficult for people to attend summer and fall weddings due increase of ceremonies during those months.  You will have all of your loved ones around celebrating your special day with you.  Plus, your guests will want to attend a wedding that is not in the hot sun.

Less Stress and Sweat

One of the best things about a winter wedding is that you don’t have to predict the weather because your ceremony and reception will be inside.  You won’t have to take the risk of your wedding getting rained compared to having a summer outdoor wedding.  The temperatures will be much cooler in the winter so you will not sweat under your nice clothes.  All of your guests will be comfortable and not have to fan themselves off constantly throughout the event.

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