3 Tips For Planning A Delicious Wedding Menu


Learn how to plan the perfect wedding menu for all of your guests to enjoy.

You have just said “I do”; now it is time to celebrate.  Your wedding reception is the place where you get to celebrate your special moment with all of your family and friends.  One of the most essential elements of any reception is the menu.  You want people to enjoy the food and beverages you have provided so that the evening goes along well.  Luckily, there are few simple tips you can so that you can have a delicious wedding menu.

Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

You want to create a menu with dishes everyone will enjoy, so you have to need to have your guest’s needs in mind.  Make sure you are aware of major dietary restrictions and allergies so that you can provide vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.  You want to have enough variety in your menu so that a person that is allergic to peanuts can enjoy their meal. Vegetarianism and veganism is steadily growing, so you need to have a few options available.

Diversity Is Key

When planning your wedding menu, you want to make there is something for everyone.  Make sure there are several food options ranging from seafood to poultry to vegetables.  You want to hit all of the different tastes too, so offer salty, sweet, and slightly bitter options.  You want guests to have a choice in what they eat; no one wants to settle on one dish when they are eating a meal.

Presentation Is Key

One of the main elements you need to focus on when planning your wedding menu is presentation.  You want all of your food to look appetizing so that guests will actually want to eat the food. It is wise to focus on creating stations for specific foods such as a pasta or taco bar.  Make sure to focus on creating appetizing dishes so that people will want to take pictures for social media.

Catering for Jewish Weddings and Every Wedding

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