3 Current Summer Wedding Trends

Discover a few summer wedding trends.

Summer is right around the corner meaning there will be an influx of weddings in the near future.  Summer is a popular season for weddings because the weather is warm and clear, and flowers are in full-bloom, which is perfect for an outdoor ceremony.  Whether you are getting married this summer, or planning a wedding for next summer, you need to take time in the planning process. Luckily, there a few summer wedding trends you can follow so that you can gain inspiration for your own ceremony and reception.

A Focus On Nature

Summer is a time where the Sun is out constantly, and the flowers are out in full bloom.  So, for your wedding, you need to take advantage of all the nature and freshness summer provides.  It is great to have an outdoor wedding, but get creative with how you design the ceremony and reception.  When creating the center pieces for the tables, think about incorporating fruits that are in-season such as oranges and other citrus fruits.  Talk to your florist and get creative with the foliage at your wedding.

Bold Colors

When it comes to choosing a color theme for your wedding, think the brighter, the better.  You want to choose a color theme that is bold and dynamic, but that is not too crazy and over the top.  Pinks and yellows are popular colors during the summer and would look good together when designing your reception.  You want to focus on floral colors so that your wedding can have a vibrant, natural look.

Get Creative With Cake

One of the most important aspects of any wedding reception is the cake, so you want one that looks stunning but is also delicious.  For a summer wedding, you want to get away from traditional choice such as a white or chocolate cake. Summer is the perfect time to incorporate fruit into your cake such as a strawberry shortcake inspired wedding cake.  Citrus and sweet always work well together.

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