Washington DC Kosher Wedding Foods

Washington-DC-Kosher-Wedding For those who aren’t familiar with kosher foods, the term can immediately deter them from enjoying a meal. If you are planning a Washington DC kosher wedding, it is important to choose kosher wedding foods that will appeal to all guests while still staying true to beliefs and practices. So what type of kosher wedding foods should you serve for your Washington DC kosher wedding?

  • Hors D’oeuvres- If you choose to serve meat at your wedding, choose traditional beef Wellington or beef satay to appeal to your guests. If you choose to shy away from meat in the beginning, offer an array of fruits and vegetables in different styles. This can include dumplings, rolls, and stuffed vegetables. You can serve vegetables and fruits without the diary dips for your Washington DC kosher wedding.
  • Entrees- There are plenty of kosher wedding foods that you can include on your menu for your main entrée. Stick with traditional meat items like chicken, filet mignon, and prime rib to please your wedding guests. If you know you will have vegetarians present, choose a selection of soufflés or quiches to please everyone.
  • Dessert- If you serve meat, look for dessert items that are “parve” or serve fruit salad or sorbet. A vegetarian approach will allow you to serve cakes or brownies.
  • Wine- There are several kosher wines to choose from when considering what to serve at your Washington DC kosher wedding. Refer to our Kosher Wine blog for suggestions.


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